mind and body

the first life  
gave birth to all life
in four billion years
what has your body learned?
what can your body teach you?

bodies existed long before brains evolved

the body began to create the brain
before it had a brain to invent things with
such as a brain

your mind is the youngest monkey in the garden
but it speaks loudly as if it were the oldest and wisest

when your mind is making rules for the body
you are becoming lost

your body is the teacher
your mind is the student

not the other way around


one plus one

think of the sun
in the dance of fusion

hydrogen becoming helium
every moment of every day

one thing becoming another

hydrogen becomes all things
by changing into different elements
in the heart of the stars   

because one thing became another 
the sky is warm
the day is bright
life is born 


by coming and going

creation and destruction are not two separate events
they are the same dance

you are both

life eats life
and gives birth to life

there you find yourself
there you find your inventions 
in the natural patterns of the universe

what do you have

what do you have?

i am

can you find something better than
i am
if you forget that life
is the great experience of life
maybe you forget simple pleasures
like breathing
and gratitude for breathing

maybe you forget to relax
and simply think about your body
and notice how it feels
when death is coming for you
its much easier to remember this