what do you have

what do you have?

i am

can you find something better than
i am
if you forget that life
is the great experience of life
maybe you forget simple pleasures
like breathing
and gratitude for breathing

maybe you forget to relax
and simply think about your body
and notice how it feels
when death is coming for you
its much easier to remember this

take and hold

maybe you take responsibility for your actions
hold your opinions in silence
and practice self improvement
while those around you don’t try

will it still seem unfair
that you’re the only one who makes an effort
when you discover that you are on the path towards a better life
and they are not

4 billion years of evolution

the first life was less than a blade of grass
and evolved into you
by three simple motivations and actions

to live eat and reproduce

this epic painful struggle of life
is the foundation 

in your search for meaning
in your search for the higher power 
look to the roots of your life

as you step higher don’t try to abandon necessity
you must eat sleep and have sex

if you try to break the foundation
you will be stuck at the bottom
forever trying to repair it

to step higher
you must be true to yourself
and remain in harmony with yourself

your spirit
and your spirituality
move in harmony with reality